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Resilient Nerves and Brains Initiative

Over the course of our lives the brain and other parts of the nervous system are repeatedly challenged by physical and emotional traumas. On the whole, the nervous system has a remarkable capacity to adapt to such challenges, however, when these capabilities are overwhelmed, the consequences can be catastrophic – e.g, spinal cord injury, stroke, depression, addiction, dementia, and chronic pain. Furthermore, as we age the brains ability to ‘bounce back’ diminishes and the disease burden of these neurological disorders increases dramatically.

The Resilient Nerves and Brains Initiative brings together the expertise of groups in Preclinical Neurobiology to study brain function from the regulation of genes, through activity of nerves, and finally to complex brain function and behaviour. Under this initiative we seek to discover new treatments for brain diseases and to support healthy and resilient nerves and brains. Projects seeking funding under this initiative are listed below by topic.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Contact: A/Prof Estelle Sontag, Dr Jean Marie Sontag

Cardiovascular and Autonomic Neuroscience

Contact: A/Prof Eugene Nalivaiko

Contact: A/Prof Derek Laver

Chronic Pain

Contact: A/Prof Philip Bolton


Contact: A/Prof Estelle Sontag

Dizziness, Balance, and Hearing

Contact: Dr Rebecca Lim

Healthy Aging

Contact: Dr Doug Smith


Contact: A/Prof Paul Tooney

Spinal Cord

Contact: Dr Brett Graham