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Trainees in the Preclinical Neurobiology Research are a designated group of students, technicians and early career researchers with a collective interest in applied neuroscience. The aim of this association is to bring together knowledge in pain, addiction, balance, stress, stroke, and spinal cord neurobiology to diversify the experience of trainees. A journal club run by the trainees is held fortnightly to examine cutting-edge and historical neuroscience publications across a range of specialties. Journal club provides a social space for discussion and collaboration; while promoting general knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills.

Cameron Adams

Joshua Atkins

Mark Bigland

Erin Campbell

Sally Dickinson

Hannah Drury

Ryan Duchatel

Kristen Farrell

Jamie Flynn

Michael Geaghan

Mark Gradwell

Alexander Hoffman

Jessica Madden

Jack Mayhew

Rikki Quinn

Michelle Rank

Kelly Smith

Hessam Tabatabaeehatambakhsh

Thomas Wellings